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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Dow Corning® Adhesives and Sealants

Regardless of how harsh the environment or how extreme the temperature, Dow Corning® is sure to have the right sealant for you. Dow Corning sealants offer exceptional performance characteristics and meet a wide variety of industrial bonding and sealing needs. That’s why appliance design engineers and manufacturers select Dow Corning brand sealants. Features of Dow Corning silicone sealant products include:

  • Stability over a wide temperature range
  • Weather resistance
  • Chemical stability
  • Good bond strength
  • Electrical properties
  • Low flammability

Review the following Sealing application / product recommendation table. Select product links for technical data and MSDS.

  ApplicationPartTypical Performance NeedsDow Corning®
Product Recommendation*
Steam IronSteam Chamber SealResistance against heat, hot water and water vapor3-6006   |   ▲736
 Sole Plate BondingGood adhesion to aluminum, die cast aluminum and stainless steelQ3-3379   |   ▲3-6458

OvenDoor window adhesive/sealHeat resistance (up to 250°C), good adhesion to glass, enamel, painted metal and stainless steel3-6045
3-6096 (inner window)
Q3-3526 (outer window)

Tub sealing
Pump seal
Water distributor sealing
Good adhesion to metals and engineering plastics, resistance against water and detergent,
anti-shake resistance
7091   |   ▲3-8159RF

DishwasherSteam generator seal
water pump seal
Good adhesion, resistance to
water and high temperature
Q3-3379   |   ▲8888

Ceramic HobsSealing frame to counter
Foam seal
Glass to frame adhesive/seal
Heat resistance
Hot water resistance
3-8119RF   |   ▲732  
Q3-1566   |   832

RefrigeratorsSeam sealant of plastic/plastic or plastic/metal, silicone
rubber gasket adhesive
Good adhesion to plastic and metal, good adhesion to silicone rubber, good adhesion/flexible bond at low temperatures732   |   ▲737
832   |   7091

Coffee PotsPlastic handle to glass adhesiveHigh green strength, good adhesionQ3-3636
 Heating plate sealHeat resistant, detergent resistant9-1363
 Sealing of electrical partsHeat resistant1537

Door window adhesive/sealHeat resistant, good adhesion
to glass, good adhesion to
painted metal
732   |   736
SE 9592HT

*Product availability may vary by region.
While all products listed are Dow Corning® brand, those marked with a “▲” are sold via the XIAMETER® Web-enabled business model from Dow Corning, which offers high-quality, reliable standard silicone products online, at market-based prices. Visit to order these products or to learn more.
Product recommendations will vary based on user's performance requirements and application conditions.  Please consult with a Dow Corning technical expert to evaluate your specific needs.

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