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Silicones from Dow Corning
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TPSiV® Thermoplastic


IMAGINE: A silky, soft-touch feel and durable performance for wearable electronics.

A unique hybrid of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and crosslinked silicone rubber, TPSiV® thermoplastic elastomer materials combine the toughness, abrasion resistance and overmolding options of TPUs with the softness and resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light and chemicals provided by silicone technology. They also offer superb colorability and colorfastness, making them an appealing candidate for wearable tech as well as other consumer electronics applications, including handheld devices, laptops and home appliances.

Among the benefits that TPSiV® thermoplastic elastomers offer…

  • Silky touch: All TPSiV® thermoplastic elastomers products provide a unique smooth feel in hardnesses ranging from Shore A 50 to 80. This enables them to enhance the comfort and fit of wearable devices and earbuds, as well as improve touch and impact resistance for the housings, buttons, battery covers and accessory cases of portable devices.
  • Proven safety: Dow Corning has performed testing according to medical protocols, such as USP Chapter <88> and ISO 10993-10, and determined that TPSiV® thermoplastic elastomers lack cytotoxic potential and are negative for systemic toxicity and irritation potential. This underscores the impressive record these advance materials have for safe skin-contact in commercial wearable device applications.
  • Excellent aesthetics:TPSiV® thermoplastic elastomers grades can be precisely color-matched to your specification. Combined with their outstanding resistance to abrasion, UV radiation, and sweat and sebum, this helps ensure long-lasting aesthetics for wearable devices and earbuds.
  • Expanded manufacturing options:TPSiV® thermoplastic elastomers products can be manufactured using standard thermoplastic manufacturing processes, including overmolding or co-molding with plastic substrates such as polycarbonate, ABS and nylons.

As a leading supplier of silicone-based technology for more than seven decades, Dow Corning brings you an established record for delivering targeted properties consistently, with batch-to-batch reproducibility and backed by certified data and 24/7 global technical support. Count on us for a host of analytical and technical services ranging from material qualification and testing through manufacturing start-up and equipment recommendations. Our extensive knowledge of materials and processes can often translate into manufacturing and process efficiencies for you.

More than a world-class materials supplier, Dow Corning is an expert and dedicated collaborator. If our product finder cannot identify an off-the-shelf solution that meets your precise specifications, or if you are looking for application expertise and support please contact us.

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