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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Liquid Detergent Solutions

Liquid Detergent Solutions

Silicone antifoams for liquid laundry detergents are complex blends of specialty siloxane polymers and treated particles.

Liquid antifoam concentrates can reduce costs and materials, provide performance at low use levels, and can enable compaction of formulations to get more detergent doses per bottle. This can prompt lower transportation costs, less space on retail shelves, and sustainability benefits.

Antifoam emulsions feature pre-set silicone particle size distributions and can be readily dispersed into liquid detergent formulations.

Antifoam compounds are 100% silicone mixtures that can be emulsified or dispersed according to the user's specific formulation and/or production process.

Proper delivery of the silicone antifoam to the detergent is crucial to effective foam control in the washing machine. It’s important to choose the one that is designed especially for your application. Consider the products featured below, including our solutions for liquid concentrates, Dow Corning® AC-8066 Antifoam and Dow Corning®  AF-8014 Antifoam, or refer to the full product selection guide (PDF) for additional details.

Liquid Detergents

Dow Corning® AC-8066 Antifoam Liquid antifoam concentrate for heavy-duty liquid laundry detergents; active at low addition levels; controls foam in HE washing machines; effective replacement for fatty acid in liquid detergent
Dow Corning® AF-8014 Antifoam LIquid antifoam concentrate for heavy-duty liquid laundry detergents; active at low addition levels; controls foam in HE washing machines; effective replacement for fatty acid in liquid detergent
XIAMETER® AFE-0700 Antifoam Emulsion Provides good dilution stability and optimum antifoaming performance
XIAMETER® AFE-0020 Antifoam Emulsion Highly efficient at low concentrations; easily dispersed in aqueous systems
XIAMETER® ACP-3302 Antifoam Compound and XIAMETER® ACP-3425 Antifoam Compound100% liquid silicone antifoams that can be mixed into structured liquid detergents
*Not all products available globally

Refer to our selection guide (PDF) and order a sample to get started with the right solution for your challenges. Or contact Dow Corning to learn how we can collaborate to develop solutions for your specific applications.

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