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Silicones from Dow Corning
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EMC Additives

Boost Thermoset Performance in Demanding Applications

Thermoset materials such as epoxy molding compounds (EMCs), phenolics and urethanes are well suited for demanding applications that require excellent mechanical strength and physical properties. However, to meet more-stringent requirements - driven by technological trends such as electronics miniaturization and higher usage temperatures- thermosets need higher performance capabilities. These materials can be significantly upgraded in multiple ways with Dow Corning's silicone-based additives. Enhancements may include new properties such as flame retardancy, improved thermal resistance, better compatibility between fillers and the base resin and optimized processing.

Solving your application challenges

Engineering applications - EMCs are widely used for encapsulating semiconductor chips on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Dow Corning thermoset additives for EMCs improve the durability of electronic components at high temperatures and high humidity, and prevent bleed-out from composites. They also provide stress relief during heat cycling to minimize cracking, distortion and warpage . Additionally, these versatile additives can provide better flame retardancy, and are even made of non-halogenated polymers. In processing, they reduce the viscosity of EMCs resins, which improves wetting performance, enabling better penetration and filling of small gaps.

Product highlights include:

  • Dow Corning TORAY AY-42119 Epoxy Functional Silicone Resin: For use in EMC applications to deliver flexibility/stress relief and flame retardancy

Engineering materials - Phenolics, epoxies and urethanes used in automotive parts such as brake pads benefit from our silicone fluid technologies, which raise temperature resistance as high as 50°C and provide stress relief in heat cycling. They also improve thermoset flexibility. In compounds, they optimize dispersion of fillers for better performance.

Product highlights include:

  • Dow Corning TORAY SF 8421 EG Fluid: Delivers epoxy functionality in a silicone fluid for use in EMC applications, where it provides flexibility and stress relief.
  • Dow Corning TORAY BY 16-873 and SF 8421: thermally stable additives that offer improved flowability and toughness.

Glass fiber reinforcement - Thermosets used in sporting goods such as helmets, racquets and boats are typically reinforced with glass fiber. Pre-treatment of glass fiber with Dow Corning silicone-based coupling agents can improve the affinity and/or reactivity between the fiber and the base resin during compounding. Our additives also increase stiffness and strength of reinforced thermosets, and add water repellency.

Product highlights include:

  • XIAMETER® OFS-6032 SILANE: Improves adhesion of organic resins to inorganic surfaces. Used to increase mechanical performance in glass fiber-reinforced composites.

Compared to other options, such as PTFE and acrylic and urethane powders, our additives offer wider compatibility  with different types of thermoset materials, and deliver longer-lasting performance.

Find out more by contacting your Dow Corning representative.

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